Step 3 - Fashion Model Measurements - What Type Of Modelling Work Will Suit You?

Fashion model measurements are important in establishing the type of modelling that your body type would suit. In most cases you can be up to one inch either way of these figures set our below.

Fashion model measurements are a guide that you must follow as close as you can of you could end up wasting time that you could better spend in another area of modelling.

Tamara model measurements

Bikini measurements

36" 24"-26" " 36" Bust B to D

Description: well proportioned

Catwalk model

Catwalk model

5'9" - 6" Bust 32"-36" Waist 22"-26" Hips 33"-35"

Description: very thin with fantastic posture

Catalogue model

Catalogue model

5'8" -5'9"' Bust 32"-34" Waist 24"-26" Hips 33"-35"

Description: Very petite

Lingerie model

Lingerie model

5'7" - 6' Bust 32"-35" C cup Waist 22"-26" Hips 33"-35"

Description: Shapely well toned feminine

Male model

Male model

5'11"-6'2" 40-42" Jacket

Description: good physical condition not over muscular

Fashion model life is "life in the fast lane"- photo shoots, hair stylists, high fashion clothing and fashion photographers.

It all sounds great and it is, however a model must work as though she is running a business and she is the product that others want, that’s why you must fall within the required measurements for each type of modelling.

One of the most important things a model must learn is how to pose for the perfect shots. Many of our models have learned the poses they need to know by watching The Posing Workshop DVD.

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Let's move on now to the next step and choose a modelling career that will suit's time for...


Types Of Fashion Models