Step 5 - A Fashion Comp Card Is Designed To Get You Modeling Assignments

A fashion comp card is like a large business card with a mix of your best photos.

The mix of photos on your fashion comp card is very important. Advertising agents and magazines want you to leave them something so they can remember who you are and what you look like.

You should never leave your portfolio with anyone as it is too expensive an item.

What's on the front of a fashion comp card?

The front of your fashion comp card should have a close up of your face, this is usually called a head shot.

Next you must include all of your measurements.

Most importantly you must have you name and where your can be contacted.

However it would be wise to have a mobile number that you can change easily if you need.

We suggest models never give out their home phone number or address on their fashion comp card.

What's on the back?

On the back of your fashion comp card is a mixture of your best shots.

In these shots you must include some of the following: a casual shot, a business shot, a fun shot and a model shot.

We are trying to show that you have the ability to do a number of different looks.

This gives an agent or client ideas of how they can use you in their ad campaign.

Where do you get fashion comp cards
from and how much are they?

Its hard to find someone who not only prints comp cards but puts it all together for you.

We have found a number of "comp card" order companies that will do the whole job for you simply and easily on the web.

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