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I can show you how to pose like a Supermodel. Yes, without spending hundreds of dollars, spending hours trying to work it out from books or having to go to lessons where you don't feel comfortable. And if you're ready to start today, you can practically steal it for just $47!

Here's How it Works!

I've put together a 4-part, 2 hour DVD Coaching Program that will teach you how to pose in simple steps, using easy to follow dance moves.

Part One of the System is called How To Pose Like A Supermodel

The How To Pose Like A Supermodel video covers one of the most important things any model needs to know and that's how to pose while looking natural, comfortable and at ease.

In this session you'll discover -

  • How to always remember which pose comes next so that you never suffer what's called 'brain freeze' where you just can't remember where you should move to next. There's nothing worse than not knowing what your next pose is supposed to be as you go through your photo shoot. Here's how you can avoid the embarrassment of not knowing what to do next

  • The sequence of poses you must know in order to be taken seriously as a fashion model. You'll learn poses for standing, sitting, lying down, leaning against a wall, and more. You'll always have the perfect pose for any situation, and you'll be ready for whatever your photographer throws at you in your next fashion shoot

  • How to do every pose flawlessly by following a simple 'dance routine' system Sydney developed for us. This system makes it virtually impossible for you to forget where you are in your posing sequence. You'll be posing like a Supermodel in no time

  • And the best part: you'll learn how to perfect all of these poses so you're confident and comfortable in front of the camera in as little as 30 days

Part two of your video training is all about Bikini And Lingerie Posing

Here you'll perfect the poses you must know if you want to be a bikini or lingerie model.

You'll learn -

  • A series of elegant, alluring poses for standing, sitting and lying for both bikini and lingerie modeling

  • You'll easily remember these stunning poses because you'll learn them using Sydney's cool 'dance routine' system. Which means you'll always look confident, professional and composed no matter where or when you are being photographed

  • You'll watch and learn as a professional model takes you through each pose, and then see a typical photo shoot in action so you know exactly what to expect, even if it's your first time in front of the camera

Part three of the Model Training System shows you how to apply Fashion Model Makeup

In this session you'll learn fast, simple tips for applying your makeup before a fashion shoot, so you'll always look your best whenever you're working on camera.

You'll learn -

  • The inside secrets of applying perfect makeup every time. You'll see a professional makeup artist actually applying makeup to a model before a shoot

  • Exactly what types of makeup you need to take with you to every fashion shoot to make sure you can handle whatever comes your way

  • The easy step-by-step sequence of applying your makeup so you know how to get the best results

  • How a professional makeup artist creates stunning effects for one model in real time, live as you watch her

  • ...and much more

And finally you'll receive the full version of The Ten Steps To Becoming A Super Model video

You may have seen this in the digital version already if you've subscribed to our Mini Course. In this part of your training you'll discover -

  • How to work out where you are now, what your modeling assets and liabilities are, where you want to be and how to get there. You'll instantly be able to know the next step in becoming the model you've dreamed of being

  • All about how top models care of their body and face. We cover waxing, toning, hair care and weight control tips and share all sorts of important info you really need to be aware of

  • How to beat those problem areas where you would like to get in shape without starving yourself. You'll know exactly what 'look' modeling agencies want NOW

  • How to sculpt your body to make yourself the complete modeling package. These tips are critical to succeed in this business with all the competition these days

  • Why great nails are one of the most important aspects of your look and how to keep them looking perfect

  • Why your nails and lips should match. You’ll be judged by the quality of your hands and nails, so you'll want them to complement your complete look

  • How to have perfectly behaved, perfect hair that’s super easy to care for, looks great, matches your skin tone and sets off your look perfectly

  • Why you must be really careful which hairstyle you choose if you are under contract for a fashion shoot

  • How to always know you’ll have the perfect hairstyle for the current season

  • How to market yourself as a model so the work finds you instead of you having to continually look for jobs

  • and much more...

Best of all, while you're waiting for your DVD to arrive in the mail, you're also going to be able to watch the online version of this training as soon as you sign up today. That means you can start learning to pose just minutes from now!

Why You Can Get This For Just $47

Since I'd like as many future models as possible taking this training, I'm making you a special offer at the low introductory price of $47. 

Plus, since I don't have lots of expensive equipment meaning my costs are pretty low, I'm happy pass the savings onto you for a bit longer. But you must grab your DVD right now to get it before the price has to go up!

Why You Risk Absolutely Nothing

I'm so sure this will work for you that I'm willing to make this guarantee...

Watch the training sessions and follow along with our models as many times as you like for the next 3 months. 

If you don't think the training was well worth the small amount you paid, or if for any reason at all you are not 100% happy, then simply contact me and I'll return your entire payment to you quietly and without any questions. 

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* Every effort has been made to accurately represent this course and its potential. I cannot and do not guarantee you'll make any specific amount of money after you complete the Model Training System Video Program. In fact, I cannot and do not guarantee you'll make any money at all. Please remember that each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavour, there is no certain guarantee that you will earn any money.

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