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That’s right you can actually quick track your fashion model career by following our free advice.

Teenage fashion models are made not born. Wouldn't it be amazing if you started modeling in just 30 days? Well it is possible with the right know-how and that's what you want correct. Other girls just like you are doing it because they have followed our free advice to quick-track their model careers.

Imagine yourself as a model.
It's exciting! Your days will be busy with castings, make up, hair stylists, art directors, clothing stylists and photographers.

Most teen modeling agencies don't know what they are there for apart from making money for themselves. You must realize that you have to market yourself through these agencies, not to them. In most cases you can't trust your career to them, so how do you sell or market yourself through them? Simple, by being prepared. If you front up to a modeling agency untrained and unprepared and just on looks alone they will place you on a web site and sell you a few portfolio photos that they themselves must a cut. However if you arrive at their doorstop with your own professional portfolio, comp cards, business cards and are able to show them at least 20 poses it will be an entirely different story. They will see you as someone who has a very good chance of winning Go-sees or castings - and that will gain them money! Are you beginning to see that the agency only has so many job offers coming in that they don't want to waste their chance of getting the job by sending out an untrained and unprepared model who can't pose!

You have dreamed of modeling but there are very important steps you must take.

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