Teen fashion model agencies need to be handled in a very special way!

You can be on your way to becoming a model in just 30 days!

When dealing with teen fashion model agencies the most important thing you should know is that they are there for themselves not you. They are there to make money and look after themselves.

When you go to them they look at you and say to themselves is she trained or untrained. The trained girl or guy will start making us money by winning jobs for us. 

The untrained girl we will still make money out of by selling her a photo shoot etc. 

So, knowing that just how do I use them and look after myself? 

The answer is simple. 

Before you even go to an agency you must be fully prepared as a model. You must know what to do with your hair; make-up and above all you must know how to do at least 20 fashion poses. 

Only then do you go to an agency, fully prepared with portfolio, comp cards, etc. it’s not hard, lots of teen girls are doing it right now.

So when you go to the agency you are using them to get you jobs and you won't end up on their book under hundreds of others - you will stand out because you are fully ready to work. 

In other words the agency will not have just another untrained pretty face!

Just how do I get prepared to visit teen fashion model agencies?

This site has been dedicated to giving young girls and guys free information of what is necessary and how to go about preparing and training yourself as a model. 

Remember you only get one chance at a modeling agency that’s why its important not to go to one until your are prepared with everything.

Lets get started!

Training needed for Teen fashion model agencies