Supermodels fashion models are made not born!

Supermodels fashion models are overnight successes! Nothing could be further from the truth. In most cases these models have built themselves from the ground up. Kylie Minogue shapes her figure under a trainer while others work on their face, hair, make-up style etc. Elle (the body) works out every day and can afford the very best advisors to help shape her career as a model. So where does that leave a determined girl who wants to enter the fashion model world? Unfortunately in the dark or outside the inside club.

As fashion photographers we are on the inside mixing with stylists, art directors, high fashion hairdressers and photographic make-up artists and of corse fashion models. This is where we can help you to quick-track yourself into the modeling world. We can give you the advice you need to break into this very exciting and challenging world. The advice we will give you is from our experience and we will tell you the tricks and products that our models use and how to pose etc. So lets get started

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