Step 2 - The Fashion Model Requirements That Are Expected By The Fashion Industry...

Fashion model requirements are dictated not by the fashion trade, but by the clients of model agencies that require a certain build, at a certain height, with a certain look for an advertisement or to sell their clothing.

So just what are the fashion model requirements for a model generally?

A model must be almost perfect!

And almost perfect can come in many different shapes and sizes...

This is why there is Bikini, Lingerie, Catalogue and Fashion modeling.

Each area of modeling has its needs, for example a bikini model should be well endowed while a catwalk model is almost flat-chested so the clothing falls properly.

A catalogue model is somewhere in-between with a petite figure. A supermodel has height, is very good looking and perfect in every way!

So lets look at facial features...

What makes a models face model material?

To begin with, the more symmetrical a face is the better looking the face will be.

The proportions of the face are very important.

  • The face is neither long nor round but somewhere in-between.

  • The eyes will be normal to large with a perfect shape; the eyelids will not be hooded (when looking forward the skin will not touch the eyelashes).

  • The nose will be well proportioned and straight.

  • The lips will be full and good shape.

  • The skin will be near perfect and without fine lines.

  • The eyebrows will be thick and perfectly shaped.

  • The hair will be in good condition and cut by a professional stylist.

  • The model will be in peak physical condition.

The focus is not on the face for bikini and lingerie models.

Catalogue models faces have to look attractive, while the fashion models face must be very attractive.

Ok, there's just one last thing to do today. One of the most important things you'll need to learn is how to pose. Take a few minutes now to check out The Posing Workshop DVD.

Then, grab yourself a copy and get started on learning those poses...

That's all for today.

Tomorrow we'll take you further along your path to becoming an in demand fashion model.

Until then,

Take care...