Step 1 - Here's What Every Fashion Model Should Know...

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Grab a pen and paper, let's make some notes!

As you take your first steps as a fashion model, you'll need to learn lots of new things. Here's what every fashion model should know before starting out on a career...

Firstly, with all types of modeling we must look at you!

Your hair is one of your most valuable assets – but
how well does it photograph?

In most cases, beautiful hair when brushed for a model shoot can become "wispy".

This means bits that just stick out which can cause a lot of photo-shop work after the shoot to remove these stray hairs that come across your forehead or eyes, etc.

A tip that many of our fashion models have learned is to rub on a little oil which will do the trick! 

It’s available everywhere and costs almost nothing, but saves heaps of problems later when your pictures are being prepared for display or distribution.

Fashion Model Hair

Are your teeth white, stained or gapped?

It doesn’t matter how good looking a model is, if your teeth are not white you won’t be in the running. 

It’s important not to use a product that will ruin your teeth.

There are a lot of brands on the market; most work but some eat away at the enamel of your teeth. It has been highly recommend to us by our models that you consult your dentist and ask which brand you should buy.

Also you may have gaps in your teeth and these can be a problem. Consult your dentist about says of removing these gaps so your teeth are as beautiful as possible.

A models lips must look full and enticing

You have many options these days’ plastic surgery & lip injections. However if you keep having injections you run the risk of ending up with misshapen lips.

The best way to get full lips is to apply one of the new lipstick lip enhancers. Apply just one hour before your shoot – your lips will swell up to look great and it lasts for about 3-4 hours. You can check them out just below - take notes!

Fashion Model Lips

Make-up - you have to know how to apply it yourself!

As a new fashion model you may not know how to apply your own make-up for photographic shoots. 

Make-up for a photo shoot is different to putting on normal make-up.

The flashes that we use change the look of ordinary make-up, that’s why there are photographic make-up artists, they know what the lights will do and what they have to do to fix that problem.

It's simple - just apply more make-up than you would normally use.

Then, don't blend eye shadows if you can help it because the camera flashes will tend to burn through the transition colors, say from pink to purple on your lids, and they will end up looking like stripes rather than a continuous blending between the colors.

Check out the latest make up . Make notes especially of the new colours!

Fashion Model Makeup

Untrained - Trained

Tans look great, but don’t let it kill you!

For a fashion model shoot, you need you to have a good, smooth all over light tan. You can get it at the beach or at a tanning salon.

Our models don’t recommend either!

Keep out of the sun as much as possible so your skin does not get sun damage and fine lines because they will be noticeable.

We recommend a non-sun tanning cream that doesn't come out orange.

Try a few brands out before settling on one. Sunless tanning is available that won't send you orange.

Fashion Model Tan

Your own lingerie

Fashion Model Lingerie
A fashion catalogue model must have her own stockings and lingerie sets that match.

It is important that you have panty hose that have very little or no gussets especially around the foot area. You must own a set of white, bone and black lingerie.

Make sure that the lingerie is sheer, as you don't want unsightly lumps and bumps under the clothing you are modelling!

Look at the lingerie on the web and pay attention to the latest styles!

Model diets for quick burn

Going on a fad diet usually does not help because they are based on eating less.

Muscles burn fat off fast! so we have to feed our muscles not starve them like so many diets do.

Here's an example of a fashion model diet.

Ok, these things cover the basics of what every fashion model should know before you start out on your new career.

Now, what are the fashion model requirements you'll need to get started?

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