I got the call that I have been waiting for!

Hi, it's Olivia, and I got the job with "Back Stage" it isn't a large job but its great.

Olivia's Hair Being Done
I have to do five shots of clothing. It really is exciting and what I have been working towards. The shoot is for a catalogue of their products.

Here I am having my hair done although it looks like they are wrecking it but I guess they know what they are doing?

I have also used a lip enhancer lipstick which pumps up your lips for about 3 hours - it's great!

I have had to do my own make-up for this shoot which is ok because I have been practicing it for about two weeks now and I am getting very quick at applying it.

This is me at a real shoot having adjustments to my face, hair and clothes that I am going to model.

Here are three of the photos from the shoot.

They won't let me show you any more as they have not released the styles yet - but let me say they turned out great!

I am going to put copies of these photos into my portfolio - they actually did a shoot for 10 sets of clothes, not just 5 as I had thought.

I am doing the clothing shoot next week for the new designer...that will be interesting :-)

But enough about me :-)

Here's the video I promised showing you the next step in the 10 Steps To Becoming A Fashion Model System -

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  • Fashion Model Makeup which shows you how to get your makeup looking perfect every single time

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At the beginning of all this I didn't even know how to pose; now I feel that I could do any job in front of the camera.

I have completely lost my fear of worrying if I will be good enough.

I found that with my training over the last month it has given me confidence that knowing the right way to do things. You can do exactly the same thing if you get the right training...

I'll still keep practicing along with the model in the training DVD though - its so important when you are at the shoot to make things go well and to keep the photographer happy.

 Bye for now - must catch up with some school work :-(

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