Getting That Perfect Tan...Safely

Hi from Olivia,

Well, I am up to my model portfolio shoot.

 I have all my ideas together and I am taking the advice in step number 9 of the DVD I bought of how the shots should be taken and the exact shots they should take.

But before we get to that, here's the video covering the next step in the 10 Steps To Becoming A Fashion Model System. 

In this video we continue talking with another industry professional who will help you to look your best with a perfect tan...

Just click on the 'Play' button to watch.

I am really excited about this shoot as it is my first real professional shoot. I hope that I will photograph well.

Here are some of my portfolio photos.

I am very happy with how they turned out and if you follow the training in The Fashion Model Training System DVD like I did you can't go wrong because you are fully prepared.

With my portfolio I went with a Business look, a Black & white head shot, two fashion and a casual look they look great and I was able to move from pose to pose in front of the camera just like a pro.

Here I am putting my portfolio together of my 8x12" photos in a clear sleeve black portfolio book.

I have been contacting and having interviews with my portfolio with a new clothes designer and another clothing company called "Back Stage" both of which look very promising

I am going to do a bikini shoot next week with another black & white "arty" shot to complete my portfolio.

I would have done the bikini shot this week but we got to the beach on Wednesday at 6.30am and it was pouring with rain.

In one way I'm glad it rained so I can practice my bikini poses for next week.

Well for this week I will contact Back Stage clothing and the other designer and push for a meeting with them both.

See you tomorrow with another video.

Bye for now,

P.S. If you can't wait and you'd like to go through all 10 steps to becoming a fashion model right away, it's all covered in The Fashion Model Training System DVD, along with lots of other stuff you'll need to know. Check it out here.