How you can get 'the look' you want quickly and easily

Hi Olivia here again with the Step 2 video I promised you last time. 

In this video we talk with some industry professionals to get the latest tips on how to get the model looks you need to succeed in this competitive business.

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Olivia's Makeup
You can see me here learning to do my make-up photographic style so it won't burn out under camera flashes.

To get my make-up just right I have been following the make-up training that came with the The Fashion Model Training System I mentioned last time. 

I just follow along step by step with the make-up artist and in no time I'm done.

It is really easy to apply photographic make-up using your own normal make-up once you know how.

Here is a picture of mother and I looking through magazines to find pictures of poses that I would like to have in my portfolio.

This is one of the tips I got from the model training DVD.

I now have a small scrap book like the training course says to have and I have included four or five photos each type of look to show the photographer.

Model Clothes
This is my mum and I looking at clothes for next weeks portfolio shoot.

I am trying to have as many different looks as possible - maybe 5 or 6 looks so I have everything covered.

Well for this week coming I am really practicing the poses I've been learning ready for my portfolio shoot so I'll look as good as I can.

I practice my make-up every day and I will not eat any fattening food this week ready for the shoot.

That's all for now

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