Here's the photos, and I got my second job :-)

Hi again from Olivia, 

Here are the photos of the job that I promised I would show you. Firstly the bikini shoot went off well, and although I have not seen the photos yet, everything looked good. 

I made sure that I practiced the bikini posing the night before. I'm glad that I did practice them for my portfolio because the photographer is really just there to take photos of me doing my thing.

Now here's today's video in the 10 Steps To Becoming A Fashion Model series. Today we look at posing and posture -

As Sidney said, learning to pose is one of the most important parts of becoming a model. The The Fashion Model Training System DVD shows you exactly what you need to know and covers -

  • How to pose like a supermodel where you'll learn 90 of the latest fashion poses through a dance sequence so you never forget where you are

  • Bikini and Lingerie modeling which covers poses for standing, sitting, lying down, leaning against a wall, and more

  • Fashion Model Makeup which shows you how to get your makeup looking perfect every single time

Just visit this page for all the details on how you can get started today.

I'll be back in a few days with your next video, but for now...

Here is what I have found important
over the last 30 days

1. Make sure that you go through step one on the quick-track site well because you tend to skip over this section and then you have to go backwards and look at it again.

My best advice here is to visit each link on step one and make notes and if you don't have some of the products already at home order them so you have them in time to save you time when later you are busy with other things.

2. It's great to have your mum or dad on your side!

3. Get the The Fashion Model Training System DVD as early as you can and start training one hour every day - don't miss one day or you will get out of the energy of pushing forward. 

Or if you want, you can grab the online version of the training course and save over 60%.

4. Learn the photographic make-up techniques and put it on everyday just as you would your normal make-up.

Good luck with your training, and bye for now,

P.S. Don't forget, there's more videos on the way. But If you can't wait and you'd like to go through the remainder of the 10 steps to becoming a fashion model right away, everything'ss covered in The Fashion Model Training System DVD, along with lots of other stuff you'll need to know. Check it out here.

Or you can grab the online version of the training course and save over 60% because there's no shipping or handling charges.