Here's Your Next Video - Today
We Look At Your Makeup...

Hi again from Olivia, 

Here's the next video in the series that I promised we are going to look at fashion model makeup. 

You have to look your best for every casting, so here's some tips to get you headed in the right direction...enjoy!

As Leanne just said in the video, you must know how to look your best for every shoot. To help you out with this critical skill, part four of the Fashion Model Training System DVD looks at how to apply Fashion Model Makeup

In this session you'll learn fast, simple tips for applying your makeup before a fashion shoot, so you'll always look your best whenever you're working on camera.

You'll learn -

  • The inside secrets of applying perfect makeup every time. You'll see a professional makeup artist actually applying makeup to a model before a shoot

  • Exactly what types of makeup you need to take with you to every fashion shoot to make sure you can handle whatever comes your way

  • The easy step-by-step sequence of applying your makeup so you know how to get the best results

  • How a professional makeup artist creates stunning effects for one model in real time, live as you watch her

  • ...and much more

Here's one of Sydney's models being made up by a professional makeup artist. You'll learn exactly how to do this yourself in the Fashion Model Makeup lesson...

To grab a copy of the in The Fashion Model Training System DVD and get started right away, visit this page.

Stay tuned because in the next video, we're going to take a close look at exactly what clothes you should have in your model wardrobe.

Good luck with your training, and bye for now,

P.S. Don't forget, there's more videos on the way. But If you can't wait and you'd like to go through the remaining steps to becoming a fashion model right away, it's all covered in The Fashion Model Training System DVD, along with lots of other stuff you'll need to know. Check it out here.