Learn How To Pose - 5 Posing Tips For Top Fashion Models

Even though some aspiring fashion models fit the size requirements and have “the look” necessary for this career, they may not be a success in the modeling business because they are not knowledgeable enough about poses and how to pose well. These five posing tips can help you reach your goal of being a top fashion model.

#1 - Learn how to move smoothly and gracefully

As a top fashion model, you will be required to draw attention and interest to a specific style or piece of fashion. The demand for and sales of the designers’ fashions depend a great deal on how well you present the garment at fashion shows and in print advertisements. 

If you need a little help improving your movement style, check into either dance or rhythmic gymnastics classes. Moving in a natural and confidant manner can make a designer’s fashion “explode” on the stage and can boost your chances of getting chosen for high profile fashion shoots.

Both dance and gymnastics will help you learn to communicate feelings and emotions through your body movement and create long, lovely sweeping lines with your body.

#2 - Make a habit of practicing facial expressions in front of a mirror

Fashion models must have the ability to portray a wide range of emotions. Practice the obvious expressions such as love, sadness, happiness and anger. Practice with another model or a trusted friend to get honest feedback about how well you are portraying the different emotions.

Most photographers will want to work with a variety of emotions, and your individual selection of expressions must be large enough to accommodate any requirements from your photographer.

One way to improve your ability to express emotions non-verbally is to join a theatrical training class. The instructors are usually experts in helping the students portray a wide range of emotions. Theatrical classes can also teach you to use head position, body posture, and hand positions to emphasize the emotion you are trying to convey.

#3 - Create your own specialized set of poses

There are standard modeling poses that should be mastered by anyone aspiring to be a top fashion model. You'll need to learn a series if basic poses first, and then expand your repertoire of poses from there. Talk to some established fashion models and ask for their suggestions, and read as much as you can about how to create poses used by top fashion models.

Try some of these poses on your own and seek additional training if you are not sure you are performing the poses correctly. Develop a series of poses that you can use to demonstrate your modeling abilities, and constantly work on improving these poses as well as the transition between each one.

#4 - Strive for poses that seem effortless and natural

The mark of a first rate fashion model is to give the impression that his or her poses are quite simple to perform. While some poses may actually be easier to perform than others, top models practice every one of their poses to the point that there is little thinking involved in holding the pose. Your movement through your sequence of poses becomes second nature. As you move from one post to the next, remember to breathe as you make the transition and after you have achieved the pose.

A common mistake many models make is holding their breath while posing. Making sure you breathe at a normal rate while posing will help you obtain a more natural look in your poses.

#5 - Develop a strong sense of confidence

The cameras and spectators will quickly notice a fashion model who seems unsure of his or her abilities. A career as a model has the potential to wear away at your self confidence, so you must constantly work towards keeping yourself confident in your abilities, and that means knowing you can handle any situation and take things in your stride.

Your inner strength must shine through every single day as you handle the rigorous schedule of a top fashion model. You need confidence in yourself to overcome difficulties and to approach each modeling opportunity with a sense that you will be able to achieve excellence. And with a bit of practice, you can certainly become a top fashion model. Who knows, maybe one day you'll find yourself on the cover of Vogue Magazine.