Italian fashion models are the best models in the world - why?

Italian fashion models feel the pose in their emotions!

Italian fashion models are gifted with expression they first "imagining" the pose in their emotions before they strike the pose. Posing is the art of conveying an emotion that the designers want you to experience if you ware their brand of clothing.

The problem with most models is that they don't know enough poses and the ones that they do know they use the wrong expressions. You must not only strike the right pose but you must also hit the right emotion for that pose.

Imagine training to be able to pose with the right emotion.

Modeling is an exciting and challenging career however girls just like you are getting into everyday. How are some able to get in and seem to get started almost straight away? They have usually prepared themselves, they have learned to apply their own photographic make-up, they have learned to pose with emotion and they have learned the tips and tricks of long time models. This site is dedicated to giving new models the information they need to quick track their career.

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Lets get started Italian fashion models