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Later as you get older you can branch off into bikini or lingerie (If you think you are ready for that now click on our home button at the top of the page later on to take you to that area).

The work for a teen model is easy.

There is very little stress in a catalogue shoot or a catwalk. The rate of pay is usually around $A100 per hour with a minimum of 3 hours.

Most hot teen fashion models shoot all day. As a fashion photographer I shoot many catalogues and catwalks each year.

The shoot is conducted in a calm manner and each shot is carefully posed, unlike a magazine cover where the model is revved up to perform.

The most important step...

But first, you must learn to pose!

You need to know about 20 teen fashion model poses – that may sound a lot but that’s the job.

It will take you only about a week to learn them all if you get a good posing video or DVD, there are a

number on the market.

The one that our fashion models recommend is “Pose Like A Supermodel”.

The reason we all recommend this one is that you learn the poses like a "dance routine" where one pose moves into the next, so every time we take a shot we get a great looking pose.

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