How Do You Become Sexy Fashion Lingerie Women?

Imagine being on your way to a new career
in just 30 days!

I was absolutely blown away at how quickly I became a one of the fashion lingerie model! I learned to pose in record time. It took me only one weekend by myself to learn lingerie posing, I have my 20 poses under control and I'm working through the ten steps to becoming a model, get stuck into the posing workshop as I did and just give it a go!

Tempi Bevan

Lingerie posing workshop

Sexy fashion lingerie women develop their bodies step by step. Look at your body in the mirror and ask yourself “what are the best features of my body and list the things that you need to work on. 

Take your list to an accredited gym trainer and get them to work out a plan of attack. 

This body correcting should only take about three months!

Your hair. You must keep your hair as long as you can and in good condition. 

Why? Because lingerie fashion models look more feminine with their hair longer and the hair stylist can do more styles with it.

Sexy lingerie. It’s no surprise; you do need to own some fashion sexy lingerie. 

Why? Because when you go to castings or "go sees" the client wants to get an idea of what you look like. 

You will also need some lingerie for a photo shoot to get your portfolio together. 

We recommend that you only buy 3-4 matching sets.

Make sure that you get the very latest styles that really suit and fit you well, don't buy from normal shops as they are selling last years range. 

You need to buy ahead of the shops. 

Some of the best lingerie that we have seen is available on the web, just search it out and you will see what is coming up. 

So check it out and make sure you keep each set in a separate bag within your main bag.

The final step! Your most important step!

How do I actually break into the business fashion lingerie modeling? 

So far we have concentrated on you as a person becoming a commodity that someone will pay for. 

Now you have to market yourself to the fashion lingerie industry, which is not as hard as you think if you take the right steps. 

There are a number of training DVD’s in this area on the steps to market yourself that we have looked at – you can find some on the web however the one that we thought was the best. 

It's called The Posing Workshop and it includes a model training kit that covers everything you need to know including the ten steps you'll need to learn to become a top flight fashion model. 

You can check it out at The Posing Workshop. Grab a copy and practice the poses every day for half an hour and within one week you will know them. 

Before you go out on a modeling job, go through the DVD again - in other words keep it as a reference! 

Again we have mentioned this product and where to get it as it is an absolute must have if you want to start your career in modeling..

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