Amateur Fashion Models
Are In Demand These Days
More Than Ever...

Amateur fashion models are becoming more and more in demand as the price of professional models continues to rise.

Fashion models, both amateur and professional, are making great money these days because of the large amount of work available. 

Amateur models make good money on the side and usually don't have to worry about model agencies like professional models do. 


Because they can market themselves by post and telephone to the advertisers directly instead of going through an agency! 

If you want to find out how to market yourself as an amateur model go to Ten steps to becoming a model and check out the latest training DVD on the market.

You'll learn the 10 steps to becoming a model, and discover everything you need to become an amateur model in double quick time.

Who knows, you could even decide to turn professional and make a full time career out of modeling in the future :-)

But for now, would you like to follow a new fashion model as she embarks on her career? 

You'll learn what she did and be able to copy her as she goes from school girl to fashion model in just 30 days.

We've put everything into a free 5 day mini course that takes you through the steps a new fashion model named Olivia took on her way towards her new career.

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Now it's time to move on to learning what Fashion Comp Cards are and how an amateur model could go about using them in...


Getting Your Fashion Comp Cards