Fashion model walk - its what
you do at the end of the runway
that counts!

Imagine being on your way to becoming a catwalk model within 30 days!

Fashion model walk or "catwalk" you are entering one of the most exciting jobs that you could have; the excitement of fast backstage changes, different hair styles, make-up and working with a great bunch of guys and girls.

People just like you are getting into it as you read this info site so now its your turn, get moving and make an agreement with yourself "I'll do whatever it takes" to get there!

One requirement that is a must is your height. 

If you are around 5'10" you can get into catwalk at the high end, however if you only say 5'7" you can still do catwalk but at shopping malls etc which is still ok as it gives you experience for other types of modeling.