Step 6 - Fashion Photography -
Just What Should Be In A Fashion
Model's Portfolio?

Fashion photography is an art and you want to make sure that the photographer knows what they are doing and what is expected commercially.

A portfolio is a models strongest marketing tool.

Your portfolio is very important It must be up to the minute with style, clothes and make-up.

The fashion photography model's portfolio must be updated regularly, especially when a model is still a teenager as they are changing so rapidly.

We will look at what photos must be in a model portfolio.

Find a photographer in your area who has done fashion model portfolio training!

It goes without saying that your photographer will know how to take good pictures but it is the way that the photos have been styled that counts.

Just what should be in my model portfolio?

Your fashion model portfolio should have the following shots -

1) A good black & white head shot

2) A business shot

3) A strong fashion shot

4) A casual shot

5) A bikini or lingerie shot

6) An artistic shot

The best way to learn how to pose for these shots correctly is to study and learn from a posing tutorial on DVD which many of our models recommend.

In fact, we can't recommend getting a posing DVD highly enough, they're inexpensive and packed with information that we use ourselves.

Use a posing DVD as your base plan to help you get into modeling and more importantly market yourself!

The one we recommend is at The Posing Workshop which was created by renowned fashion model photographer Sydney Pix.

It covers everything an aspiring model needs to know about posing for the camera. To check it out, visit The Posing Workshop

That's all for now, so good luck with your posing training...