Fashion Model Men All Start With Simple Steps...

Imagine training to become one of the top male models in your favorite magazine...Let's get started!

It goes without saying that most male models have a good body. 

It takes a lot of work to get your body looking just right. You must go to a gym and see a trainer who will make a schedule for you to sculpt your body for modelling not weight lifting. 

You must look firm without looking too muscular.

Your sun tan is very important to your image

Just about all-top male models follow a procedure to get into modeling

Its hard on a web site to go through all the steps that you must take to join other fashion model men as this is only an information site designed to head you in the right direction.

However, there is a great DVD program that we highly recommend – it’s inexpensive and gives you great insight to entering the modeling world. 

The DVD's are mostly designed for women but the steps are just the same for male models. 

We strongly advise you to go through these steps one at a time to get your modeling career started on the right foot. 

You'll also learn how to market yourself and includes lots of a must have to get you started! 

The model training kit has all the steps for modeling including what clothes a male model should own and take to castings and a photo shoot. 

Check it out at The ten steps to becoming a model for Fashion Model Men

Comp cards

Comp cards are like a large business card and are a mix of your best photos, the mix is very important for fashion model men. 

Advertising agents and magazines want you to leave them something so they can remember who you are and what you look. You should never leave your portfolio with anyone it is too expensive an item to do so. 

To find out what should be on your comp card you should click on "comp card" and it will take you to another page giving you all the details.

Model portfolios

Fashion model men have portfolios that are basically a book containing photos of your what you look like in a number of different poses. 

To find out what should be in your portfolio you should click on “portfolios” and it will take you to another page giving you all the details.