Fashion model make up for models - learn how to apply it for a photo shoot!

Your fashion model make up is almost as important as how your body looks. If your make-up is applied correctly you can widen your eyes, broaden or shrink the look of your nose, you can even slim your face with the right technique.

Photographic make-up is not applied like normal make-up!

Normal - photographic

So whats the difference?

A new model must apply her own and do it well. Most new models usually won't know how to apply their own for catwalk, magazine and catalogue work. Why? because so few people really know the tricks of applying it so that our studio lights don’t affect it as with normally applied make-up. The flashes that we use change the look of ordinary make-up, that’s why there are photographic make-up artists, they know what the lights will do and what they have to do to fix that problem. There is a great “make-up for models” training DVDs avaliable on the web a must have for anyone considering to become a fashion model. We strongly recommend that you learn it well and keep it as a reference.

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