Fashion model life is one filled with excitement and challange!

Fashion model life is "life in the fast lane"- photo shoots, hair stylists, high fashion clothing and fashion photographers.

It all sounds great and it is, however a model must work as though she is running a business and she is the product that others want.

Just what is the typical life style of a normal working model and we are not talking about a supermodel here.

A typical day in the life of a model

Fashion model life begins early!

6.00am Go to the gym and train for 30minutes

7.00am Shower make-up get dressed

8.00am Have a calorie controlled breakfast including meat and an egg for protein to give her energy

9.00am At her first casting (or go see) this is where she has an appointment to see if she can win the job. She shows her model portfolio and leaves a comp card and her business card with the casting agent. The whole meeting takes only 15 minutes

10.00am Another casting with 20 minutes drive. A couple of photos are required of her holding a product and smiling, again she shows her portfolio and leaves her comp card and business card.

11.00am Due at a clothing fitting for a job see won last week. Clothing has to be fitted in some cases to make sure that they will look good and sit well.

12.00noon Lunch - again a high protein meal to give lots of energy for this afternoons photo shoot without adding fat! She puts on her lip enhancer lipstick that swells up her lips for about 4 hours ready for the shoot at 1.30pm

1.30pm Catalogue shoot for a clothing company. The shoot is for a minimum of 3 hours; Hair is done by the stylist for 30min and then make up for another 30min. She puts in her eye white-eye drops to get ride of any redness and veins.

4.30pm She finishes her shoot and calls her agent. Her agent tells her that she has won one job from yesterday and went well this morning but with no answer on either casting as yet.

5.00pm She has finished for the day and made just over $500 for the day after costs.

6.00pm She has a salad as she doesn’t want a large meal sitting on her overnight because it will

not be burned up whilst sleeping.

7.00pm She gets on the internet and catches up with the latest shoe and lingerie styles.

She finds that her shoes are still current but orders some lingerie to keep ahead of the “now” fashion scene.

She ordered them over the internet because she doesn’t want to waste time buying at shops pushing last years fashion.

10.00 She reads a book in bed after applying her eye cream and is asleep by 11.00pm.

That's Fashion model life.

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