Fashion model diets are designed
to burn off fat fast!

Fashion model diets are rich in vitamins and protein and low on carbohydrates. Yes you do have some carbs, but the main energy comes from protein.

Fashion model diets start with the right state of mind! Your thinking should be that I am a business.

Companies want to hire me for photo shoots because I look a certain way. You can't just put on 4 to 5 Lbs and think nothing of it.

Your model portfolio and comp cards have you looking a certain weight in body and face.

If you advertise a dress size on your model comp card you can't increase on that size or clothing that is to be supplied as it just won't fit properly at your photo shoot.

Your fashion model diet must keep you at a desired weight not a diet where you keep fluctuating.

Just What Should You Eat?

The answer is a well-rounded balanced diet. Plenty of fruit & veg.

Some of our models have the following when working during the week -

Breakfast A plate of porridge with full cream milk, toast with natural fruit jam, orange juice and weak white tea with one sugar

Morning tea, an apple or banana and tea or weak coffee

Lunch Some cold meat without any fat, a boiled egg

Afternoon tea Tea or coffee with a small sweet cake

Dinner a full salad with vegies and light fruit desert,

So are some diets better than others?

Yes! We are in a commercial modeling business and diets just have to work, unlike most diet companies that are aimed at overweight consumers.

It comes down to what suits you. 

Going on a fad diet usually doesn't help because they are based on eating less.

Muscles burn fat off fast! so we have to feed our muscles not starve them like so many diets do.

Caution: This is only a representation of our opinion and not professional diet advice. 

You should seek medical advice before you start any diet or exercise program.

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