Fashion Model Business Cards...

Every model must have model business cards. These cards come in all shapes and sizes but the correct size is around 54 x 90 mm.

Model business cards are used along with your comp cards, they are left with people when leaving a comp card is too expensive, however many models have won jobs by giving a card on an off chance.

You must look professional by having a good-looking card and it must have a good shot of you on the front.

Remember, only have your name and a mobile phone number, never put your address or home phone number on the card for safety reasons.

You can now order your cards online and have them delivered to you very inexpensively!

Your cards can cost about half the price of getting them from regular printers and only take a couple of days to be delivered.

Wishing you every success in your modeling career...

Olivia and the Fashion Model Quick Track team.