Step 4 - It's Easy To Become A
Fashion Catalogue Model With
The Right Advice!

A fashion catalogue model is one of the greatest modeling jobs in the world - why? Because the work is easy, there is very little stress in a catalogue shoot.

The rate of pay is around $US150 per hour for a fashion catalogue model with a minimum of 3 hours. Most shoots go all day.

As a fashion photographer I shoot many catalogues each year.

The shoot is conducted in a calm manner and each shot is carefully posed unlike a magazine cover where the model is revved up to perform.

The most important point!

We can't stress on you enough that if you want to become a fashion catalogue model, you must learn how to pose!

Modeling is just posing, that's what the job is!

If you have not learned how to pose for example, a pose for each of the emotions and add into that standing, leaning against a wall, sitting and laying down poses, you won't get catalogue model work.

Get yourself a good posing DVD or video and start to learn the different poses - you will be miles ahead of the rest if you do this.

One of the best posing DVD's that we know and recommend is The Posing Workshop

Order one and practice it for a half an hour every day for a week and you will be able to do the required 20-30 poses with ease.

Then use it as a reference guide before you go to a photo shoot and you won't be embarrassed!

Catalogues come in many different forms.

Above is a picture of a wedding dress catalogue. Note, the models face is not in the picture.

This is the case for many catalogues. The aim of a fashion catalogue is to sell the clothing.

We are trying to show off the dress to the best advantage not the model.

It is common place to crop the top of heads to get an effect that we are looking for.

We are not trying to take a nice portrait shot of the model, rather we are trying to show an emotion. To create an emotion we usually crop in hard or even have the model looking away.

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