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Child Modeling - It's A Great Business,
But You Have To Be Careful...

As the owner of a modeling site, some of the most asked questions that I get are about child modeling and “how to get children into the modeling profession.” 

My answer is always the same: “Sorry, but we really specialize in Fashion Models, not children's modeling...” 

And children's modeling is filled with pitfalls for unsuspecting parents. No matter how cute and/or talented your child is, it's really easy to get things terrible wrong.

Because this is not one of our specialties, I always encourage parents to learn as much about the child modeling industry as they can before they do anything else. 

To learn a large part of what you'll need to know before you get started, I highly recommend Child Models - Your Little Super Star.

The author, Renee Lauren brings real world experience as a former model. You can cut through all of the mystery of child modeling with this book. Try it; I know you'll learn a LOT.

I really hope this helps,