Step 4 - Learn To Pose And Become A Catwalk Fashion Model!

Imagine being on your way to becoming a catwalk
fashion model within 30 days!

As a catwalk fashion model you are entering one of the most exciting jobs that you could have.

The excitement of fast backstage changes, different hair styles, make-up and working with a great bunch of guys and girls.

People just like you are getting into becoming a catwalk fashion model as you read this, so now is your turn.

Learn To Pose Like A Supermodel

Learn over 50 of the top fashion model poses quickly and easily with this online video
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Get moving and make an agreement with yourself "I'll do it what ever it takes".

Firstly you must practice walking down the runway with confidence looking straight ahead everyone develops their own style of walk - check others out and copy one you like.

Now the pose at the end of the runway is all important. Your pose must exhibit an "emotion" strong, sexy, or even playful.

The model must know her poses! She must be able to walk down the catwalk and give a completely different pose every time.

Poses are worked out meticulously to portray the exact emotion that the designer is looking for.

A model would look ridiculous if photographed in a strong hard pose if the clothes are saying quite the opposite!

You need to know about 50 poses – that may sound a lot but you can do it.

It will take you only about a week to learn them if you get a good posing video.

There are a number on the market but the one that our catwalk fashion models recommend is called The Posing Workshop which was created by renowned fashion model photographer Sydney Pix.

It covers everything an aspiring model needs to know about posing for the camera.

To check it out, see The Posing Workshop

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