Black fashion models must use the correct make-up!

Black fashion models must know that studio lights affect the way light reflects off your make-up. Follow a few simple rules below and your photo shoots will turn out great!

Your eyes

White eyeliner pencils under bottom rim of eyes make them look bigger and if you have big eyes you can make them look smaller by using black eyeliner and a dark brown over the eyelids.

Your Lips

Use pinks darker or lighter depending on the shade of your skin, dark plums, light brown, dark browns, burgundies, raspberry and black berry shades.

Your skin

Your skin is dark and does not reflect light well so instead of using powders on your face we need to reflect light with using oil. 

If you were white skinned the opposite happens we have to use powders to stop any oil on the skin that reflects light.

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If you are interested in becoming a model there are steps you must take to prepare yourself before you contact a model agency!

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