Step 4 - Fashion Models Must
Choose One Type Of Modeling
And Stick With It!

Fashion models today are becoming more focused on one type of modeling. In other words models are finding their niche and sticking to it.

Why is this a good course of action for most fashion models?

Most body types fit into one or two categories of modeling. Your body shape will determine the type of modeling that your should go into.

For example -

  • If you are very tall and thin, catwalk will be your domain.

  • If you are well developed you may suit bikini or lingerie work.

  • If you were petit you would look at catalogue work.

  • Do you have a perfect or really different face? You may be well suited to fashion magazine work.

All modeling is exciting and fulfilling. It will come down to you height, size, shape and age that will determine you niche in modelling.

To find out more about all the different types of modeling work available and the requirements...

Choose the type of modeling which most interests you...

Bikini fashion models all have to learn to pose from someone else - that's if you can find someone who is prepared to show you

A catwalk fashion model knows its the pose at the end of the runway that counts!

It's easy to become a fashion catalogue model with the right advice!

It only takes 30 days to be on your way to becoming a magazine model - interested!

Fashion sexy lingerie women - Just how do you become one?

Commercial models are required in many areas of business

Hot teen fashion models are made from the ground up

Amateur fashion models are making great money on the side

Top male fashion models are made not born! Imagine training to become one of the top male models in your favourite magazine...

As you can see, there are many different opportunities for fashion modeling assignments. We know there'll be one just right for you...

That's all for today.

Tomorrow we'll take you further along your path to becoming an in- demand fashion model.

Until then,

Take care...